When the cheese hits the fan.

If anyone missed me saying the other day,I a made a new snapchat but it cant find any of my contacts for some reason so if anyone wants to add me my username is j.brook91

This song really is something else. I don’t think when I was younger and watching this how many of the songs in this movie were about sex. I knew this was but hey. 

We’re going to score tonight is not as much about bowling as I thought it was. 

Grease followed by Grease 2 on sky movies. I’m torn between watching Grease 2 and the new episode of Game Of Thrones. I mostly just want to hear who’s that guy cause that scene cracks me up.

I have nothing to do today, I hate wasting my bank holiday in bed, i need to find something to do stat. 

Tonight we found a dog wondering around in a road and saved it. An Easter miracle.

I remade snapchat yesterday and it won’t find my contacts anymore which is a pain.

j.brook91 I’d anyone wants in. No dick pics please, unless they’re tasteful or are wearing a hat or something.

Today I have eaten a large quantity of dominos and recovered from drinking far too much last night and I am v v tired from doing all of that.

Today I have drank a bottle of southern comfort and thrown chocolate pudding at my mum (it went in her face) today was good.

Two wins in a row takes us to second in our Thursday night league for football. How pleasing!

Now as I’ve done some running I would like a treat. Where is the chocolate?

When will the filling in of forms end????