When the cheese hits the fan.
Found a packet of these bad boys downstairs. Yes!

Found a packet of these bad boys downstairs. Yes!

Going to a house party tonight, Sheff Utd won and Liverpool lost. What a great saturday. 

I get to upgrade my phone in 5 days and I don’t know what I want. Why is the Nexus 6 released yet. bet I’ll get a new phone and then three days later they’ll announce it and it’ll be way better. 

Y’know what’s great? Realising I have TWO episodes of the league that I can watch later. SHIVAAAAAA

I was cleaning sticky stuff off some flight cases today and I’ve washed my hands about 50 times since and they still smell like Acetone/white spirit. Eurghghghghggh

thestarsseemoutofreach replied to your post:I keep being super itchy and it’s really annoying,…

You definitely have it

Pssshhhh. I can’t see any spots or anything though. 

I keep being super itchy and it’s really annoying, mostly because I keep panicking and thinking I’m going to get chicken pox. 


imagine turning up at your team’s ground and the stands are just full of people wearing wizard robes or waistcoats and bow ties. they’re chanting “superwholock! superwholock! superwholock till I die!” screams of “DID YOU JUST!?” when a player scores. well anyway that’s exactly what will be happening at the next AFC Wimbledon game.

I really don’t think they get what league football is like in England. They’d end up getting greeted by a Millwall fan screaming “Fuck off you muggy cunt” at them. 

I wanna watch a film tonight but I dunno what. Someone give me some suggestions?

Found a Vienetta in the freezer, asked my dad if he wanted a piece. Upon hearing that this was a posibility he became excitable and giddy and it was so weird cause my dad is the straightest faced person ever. I think he spends about 98% of his time frowning and shaking his head.