When the cheese hits the fan.

Tonight we found a dog wondering around in a road and saved it. An Easter miracle.

I remade snapchat yesterday and it won’t find my contacts anymore which is a pain.

j.brook91 I’d anyone wants in. No dick pics please, unless they’re tasteful or are wearing a hat or something.

Today I have eaten a large quantity of dominos and recovered from drinking far too much last night and I am v v tired from doing all of that.

Today I have drank a bottle of southern comfort and thrown chocolate pudding at my mum (it went in her face) today was good.

Two wins in a row takes us to second in our Thursday night league for football. How pleasing!

Now as I’ve done some running I would like a treat. Where is the chocolate?

When will the filling in of forms end????

Hahaha, this article has amused me loads. 

whatchu doin

Gotta have an interview to get the second passport cause I need it pretty soonish really!

Tomorrow I’ll get to leave work about 4 hours early (plus) it is however to drive to Peterborough (negative).

So not pleased by passport photos. I always look like a moody criminal.