When the cheese hits the fan.
I’ve bought so much chocolate I’ve had to hide some at your sisters house so that dad doesn’t tell me off
My mum after seeing some reduced chocolate in tesco

How good is this though. 

Sports post: I am enjoying the football tonight! Swear I have managed to watch more football this summer than I ever have before even though I was out of the country working for half the world cup. Good.


Interesting fact:

The BBC series Doctor Who ended in 2010. It was replaced by a show called Doctor Who Cares Now That Steven Moffat’s in Charge. The title of the latter show is often shortened for the sake of brevity. This has caused much confusion amongst viewers with many believing that the two series are one and the same.

I want chocoloate but I don’t want to get out of bed to get it. Today has been the laziest day. 


cookie dough stuffed cupcakes

Well can someone please prepare these for me right now?


It was more like a savory pastry, delicately little dough pocket filled with tomato sauce, cheese, and seasoned meat. Just a stunning culinary innovation. It was a calzone. It was literally just a mini calzone.

Today is the first day where I haven’t had to wake up with an alarm for the first time in ages. I can’t actually remember when that last happened. I still woke up at half 9 so I’m pretty upset right now. 


I’m still really upset and angry. He did it once, the camera happened to be on him, he did it once and I think it’s the funniest joke that’s ever been on our show. - Michael Schur (x)

Love this.